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Crozer-Keystone Health System - New Pathways

Springfield, PA

What is it?
This program provides intensive behavioral health treatment in the public school setting. Blending education with constant specialized mental health support, the 12-month program focuses on instilling confidence, self-worth and positive coping skills. Students are required to attend school 12 months a year; the program does not suspend or expel. Children are expected to transition back to their home classrooms.

Who is it for?
Children in kindergarten through eighth grade who exhibit severe and high-risk social and emotional disturbances in the school district; students for whom there are no other special education options other than out-of-district school placement.

Why do they do it?
The community is impoverished, with high rates of violence, crime, addictions and illness.

Since 2008, more than 100 students have passed through the program, gaining control over obstacles to success, garnering self-confidence and experiencing academic achievement.

Contact: Colleen Healy
Director, Clinical Outreach, Dept. of Psychiatry
Telephone: 610-619-8441

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