About Community Connections

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Community Connections is an initiative of the American Hospital Association that was created to support and highlight the work hospitals do every day in America.

America’s hospitals are about people taking care of people, often at the most vulnerable times in their life - a responsibility hospitals take very seriously. Day in and day out, the people of America’s hospitals are on the front lines caring for the nation’s poor, uninsured and others in their communities. Hospitals are a vital part of their communities and the services they provide extend well beyond the four walls of the hospital.

Hospitals are working not just to mend bodies, but also to make their patients and communities healthier. This work extends far beyond the hospital building – bringing free clinics, job training, smoking cessation classes, back-to-school immunizations, literacy programs and so many other resources, often with little fanfare, directly to the people of the community.

As the national advocate for hospitals, the AHA has consistently supported our members as they develop fair and compassionate policies to help improve access to care for the uninsured, as they work to expand wellness and prevention activities and as they routinely demonstrate their commitment to improving the health and addressing the unmet needs of their patients and communities.

AHA Award Winners

Carolyn Boone Lewis Living the Vision Awards
The Carolyn Boone Lewis Living the Vision Awards are presented to organizations and individuals living AHA's vision of "a society of healthy communities where all individuals reach their highest potential for health."

Circle of Life Award Celebrating Innovation in Palliative and End-of-Life Care
The Circle of Life Award honors innovative programs in palliative and end-of-life care.  All organizations or groups in the United States that provide palliative and/or end-of-life care are eligible for the award.

Foster G. McGaw Prize Winners
The Foster G. McGaw Prize showcases health care organization that have “above and beyond” in efforts to improve the health and well-being of their communities. The Prize provides an opportunity to reflect and recognize the positive changes that can and are taking place in our communities through our health care institutions.

NOVA Award Winners
AHA NOVA Awards honor effective, collaborative programs focused on improving community health status.


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