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Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) - Geriatrics Initiative

Charleston, WV

What is it?
This initiative comprises the coordinated development of three new training programs in geriatrics for physicians, pharmacists and nurse practitioners, plus two pilot projects specifically geared toward seniors and two new geriatric research projects. Several geriatrics learning opportunities are offered throughout CAMC, in addition to community activities and classes supporting seniors and caregivers.

Who is it for?
Health care providers, patients, caregivers and the community.

Why do they do it?
West Virginia has the second oldest population in the country. As the age of the population increases, so does the need for quality, accessible care for the elderly, as well as highly trained specialists to provide that care.

All three training programs are active and in 2010 graduated a geriatric pharmacy resident, two geriatric medicine fellows and six geriatric post-master’s nursing students.

Contact: Brenda S. Grant
Chief Strategy Officer
Telephone: 304-388-7885

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