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Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Project Ujima

Milwaukee, WI

What is it?
Project Ujima is a multidisciplinary collaboration addressing youth and adult violence in Milwaukee using individual, family and community intervention and prevention strategies. Services include hospital-based crisis intervention and case management for youth victims of violence; home-based counseling and referrals for medical follow-up and psychological support; Camp Ujima, a summer day camp for youth exposed to violence; a leadership development group that does community outreach; and a grief program for children and families impacted by the loss of a loved one due to community violence.

Who is it for?
Victims of violence and their families.

Why do they do it?
The program started in 1996 with the goal of stopping the cycle of violence by offering a complete continuum of services for this population.

Project Ujima receives an average of 300 yearly referrals, predominantly for youths under 18, for both fatal and nonfatal injury. Services are offered to the victim’s entire family, yielding more than 500 service relationships annually.

Contact: Robert Duncan
Executive Vice President, Children’s Community Services
Telephone: 414-337-8634

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