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Northern Arizona Healthcare - Safe Child Center

Flagstaff, AZ

What is it?
Founded in 1994, the Safe Child Center at Flagstaff Medical Center assists child victims of abuse or neglect through the provision of post-event physical examinations, forensic interviews, behavioral health counseling, sexually transmitted infection diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical treatment and other critically needed services.

Who is it for?
Children, birth to 18 years, who are victims of abuse or neglect.

Why do they do it?
This program meets a community need as the only child advocacy center in Northern Arizona.

In 2012, 688 victims and their families were served, with 485 receiving crisis counseling. Behavioral health therapy services were provided to 119 victims/families. Health status improvements included 97 percent reporting increased knowledge and understanding of violence, abuse and neglect, and its effect on their lives; 100 percent reporting increased well-being and reduced anxiety level; 100 percent reporting an increase in coping skills; and 93 percent of children demonstrating improved emotional and behavioral status from intake to discharge.

Contact: Richard Smith
Vice President, Development & Marketing
Telephone: 928-773-2017

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