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Crozer-Keystone Health System - Crozer Wellness Center

Springfield, PA

What is it?
Crozer Wellness Center serves as an adolescent-focused primary care provider, which operates an array of community-based youth leadership programs, as well as city-wide initiatives aimed at increasing opportunities for young people so they can become healthy, productive adults.

Who is it for?
Chester youth, ages 12 to 22.

Why do they do it?
Research showed a high incidence of risk-taking behaviors among young people in Chester and dismal high school graduation and college completion rates.

Among the 100+ youth served per year in the youth leadership programs, there was a reduction in risk-taking behavior (substance abuse, violence, risky sexual behavior) and an increase in positive behavior (school attendance, on-time graduation, workforce skills and commitment to education, leadership and service). The training and technical assistance provided by the center to more than 20 youth-serving organizations improved services to over 6,000 youth.

Contact: Gwendolyn Smith
Vice President, Community Health Services
President, Springfield Hospital
Telephone: 610-328-8757

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