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University of Maryland Medical Center - Violence Intervention Program

Baltimore, MD

What is it?
The Violence Intervention Program is an intensive hospital-based intervention that provides social assistance to victims of violent injury. Victims receive assessment, counseling and social support from a multidisciplinary team to help make critical changes in their lives. Although this intervention is initiated in the hospital, case managers or outreach workers continue to work with patients after discharge to create an individualized action plan designed to reduce risk factors of violent recidivism. Also, participants have peer support groups to practice new skill sets and to celebrate personal accomplishments.

Who is it for?
Victims of violence in Baltimore.

Why do they do it?
Violence is the leading cause of death for young adults in Baltimore.

Participants had an 83 percent decrease in repeat hospitalization, exhibited a 67 percent decrease in violent crime, a 75 percent reduction in criminal activity and an 82 percent employment rate at the time of follow-up.

Contact: Ruth Adeola
Violence & Injury Prevention Program Coordinator
R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center
Telephone: 410-328-9833

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