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Rice Medical Center - School-Based Telemedicine

Eagle Lake, TX

What is it?
A partnership among Rice Medical Center, Episcopal Health Foundation and school districts in the county, this school-based telemedicine program can see 50 to 60 children in a couple of days, some as far away as 400 miles. Doctors in Eagle Lake provide primary care services and urgent care when needed, treating everything from fevers and rashes to sprained ankles. The available tools – such as a stethoscope with Bluetooth technology and a high-definition camera – allow for accurate diagnosis and treatment across the miles.

Who is it for?
All students on seven campuses throughout Colorado County.

Why do they do it?
Many of the students are uninsured or underinsured. Before, they would probably stay home, miss school and not be seen by a physician. Now, they have access to high-quality care.

The program had set a goal of 36 patient encounters for the first year. Between the first encounter on March 23, 2015, and Oct. 15, 2015, Eagle Lake doctors conducted more than 100 school-based encounters.

Contact: Jim Janek
President & Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: 979-234-5571

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