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Catholic Health Initiatives - United Against Violence

Englewood, CO

What is it?
In 2008, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) launched United Against Violence, a national violence-prevention initiative that provides funding and support to help CHI facilities create or expand local violence-prevention programs. CHI’s approach to violence prevention includes identification of violence-related initiatives; creation of community coalitions to leverage comprehensive, sustainable efforts to reduce violence; and development of a strategy, action plan and measurements. Since its formation, United Against Violence has received approximately $10 million in support from CHI.

Who is it for?
More than 40 communities served by CHI organizations in 18 states

Why do they do it?
Violence is a public health epidemic with devastating effects that diminish human dignity and destroy community health.

All of CHI’s local health care organizations are working with their communities to achieve community-defined, sustainable violence-reduction goals by 2020. CHI’s organizations have achieved significant, measurable reductions in child abuse in Roseburg, Oregon; violent crime in sections of Dayton, Ohio; and youth-on-youth violence in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Contact: Colleen Scanlon, R.N., J.D.
Senior Vice President, Advocacy
Telephone: 303-383-2693

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