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Essentia Health-Fargo - Telehealth

Fargo, ND

What is it?
The new telehealth program at Essentia Health-Fargo links emergency medicine specialists in Fargo to caregivers and patients at two Essentia Health rural hospitals in Minnesota. The rural emergency departments (EDs) have a rolling cart with a video monitor and camera that can be wheeled to the patient’s bedside, a hand-held camera for closeup looks at records or a patient’s anatomy and a special stethoscope that enables Fargo doctors to listen to a patient’s heartbeat or breathing.

Who is it for?
Rural patients having serious health emergencies.

Why do they do it?
The program enhances the care available at these smaller, rural hospitals by providing access to an emergency medicine specialist and the resources of a larger ED.

Essentia Health’s similar programs have allowed some patients to remain in their home facility after getting a telehealth consultation from a larger hospital. When a transfer to a higher level of care is needed, the process is more seamless for patients and families.

Contact: Kim Kaiser
Essentia Health Media Relations Specialist
Telephone: 218-786-4154

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