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Bryan Health and Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center - Lincoln E.D. Connections

Lincoln, NE

What is it?
For the uninsured, underinsured and those lacking connection to health care, the emergency department (ED) may be used inappropriately for primary care needs. The Lincoln E.D. Connections program assists this population of individuals to gain access to more appropriate care by helping them seek out and connect with community resources. Case managers may also help individuals by providing education, health care support and navigation/coordination assistance.

Who is it for?
Lancaster County residents who are uninsured, underinsured or lack connection within their health care and instead utilize the ED for non-emergent needs.

Why do they do it?
By helping patients find more appropriate care at the right time and providing ways to improve management of chronic conditions, a more holistic approach to health is used. In addition, EDs are better equipped to handle critical conditions.

There are approximately 100 new enrollments annually.

Contact: Galen Bernadt, RN-Case Manager
Program Coordinator
Telephone: 402-481-4165

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