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Boston Medical Center - Violence Intervention Advocacy Program

Boston, MA

What is it?
The Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (VIAP) provides specialized services to victims of violence. Violence intervention advocates (VIAs) visit victims at their bedside within 48 hours of admission to the hospital. Direct services and referrals include crisis intervention and stabilization, counseling, mental health, family support services, safety planning, housing, transportation, legal assistance, education, life skills coaching, and health and wellness. In addition to its presence at Boston Medical Center, VIAP has been disseminated to two other hospitals in Massachusetts.

Who is it for?
Victims of violence and their families.

Why do they do it?
VIAP’s goals are to prevent retaliation from gunshot and stab wound victims, reduce morbidity and mortality, minimize re-injury and entry into the criminal justice system, facilitate access to continuing health care and community resources and promote positive role models and alternatives to violence.

More than 3,100 patient/clients have received services since 2006.

Contact: Jennifer Fleming
Community Benefits Manager
Telephone: 617-638-6927

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