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University of Mississippi Medical Center - TelEmergency Program

Jackson, MS

What is it?
In 2003, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) developed the TelEmergency program, which provides emergency care support to rural critical access hospitals in Mississippi. Using existing technology and training, UMMC facilitates the training and placement of specially trained nurse practitioners in rural emergency departments (EDs), who work under direct clinical supervision by emergency staff at UMMC via a telemedicine video link - TelEmergency.

Who is it for?
Patients at rural critical access hospitals in Mississippi.

Why do they do it?
Small hospitals in rural areas often have trouble recruiting and retaining physicians to staff EDs.

Since its inception, TelEmergency has grown to include 15 sites, providing them with improved emergency medical services and health care through telemedicine technology. To date, UMMC has reached out to more than 80,000 patients in rural Mississippi with this unique program.

Contact: Tom Fortner
Chief Communications Officer
Telephone: 601-984-1100

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