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St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center - Forest Heights Middle School "Partners in Education"

Little Rock, AR

What is it?
Partners in Education is a three-pronged initiative aimed at influencing positive choices. Conducted in partnership with Forest Heights Middle School leaders, the initiative comprises tutoring and mentoring via one-on-one relationships between a student and volunteer. The volunteers are St. Vincent employees. Project OK, a quasi-social work program, places a police officer in the school to have positive interaction with students. St. Vincent pays the salary of the officer. St. Vincent also partners with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock dance program to provide dance instruction for students to promote physical exercise and talent development.

Who is it for?
Students at Forest Heights Middle School.

Why do they do it?
St. Vincent wanted to play a lead role in reducing youth violence in the community. Forest Heights has a large population of at-risk students.

Participating students have shown improved academic scores and attendance, as well as health and self-esteem.

Contact: Leanna Wall
Director, Major & Planned Gifts
Telephone: 501-552-2381

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